An Invitation for Heroines!

Join the 2nd online global game-changers program

We thought we knew what was success, we were go getters, pushers, doers, surviving the fittest and ignoring the rest, and next.

Until we no longer could…

We have been facing a huge collapse; in our mental models, business designs and societal structures. Things are no longer working with our old selves, and with how we defined what it means to be a leader, a parent or even a human. We have to reinvent ourselves, and there has never been a better time to do this. But this time we have to be fresh, and in our child like curiosity, more in sync with Nature, with more humbleness and greatness. Moving from patriarchal codings-controlling, competing & hierarchical, to trusting radically, to self, each other, and the journey. Letting go off what we knew even if it means dying to our old selves. Expanding, contracting, expanding, contracting, until we can give birth to what wants to emerge out of us.

This is a birthing process.

Heroines who feel this calling are invited to come together to experiment and manifest new definitions of success, by designing conscious businesses, that is prosperous & abundant in impact, growth, finances and satisfaction.

This is an invitation for Heroines from all around the world! Like water, let’s demonstrate a new type of leadership; fluid, flexible and strong, always flourishing.

I am Canay Atalay and we are starting the 2nd online program, “Heroine’s Journey” Autumn, this week. This 6 weeks online journey is for game-changers in corporations, communities, governments, who identify themselves with being women. Heroines design their 5D Conscious Business Models (integrating purpose, 5D values, UNSDGs, mega shifts, exponential technologies & new economies -from linear to regenerative), learn the art of listening (Socratic Dialogues) with me. And each model becomes an evolving blueprint for success, with consciousness.

This unique program is a holistic approach, designed for the specific needs for female game changers, integrating mind, body, heart and soul. Autumn journey presents Sacred Embodiment with Amber Joy Rava (embracing different archetypes, masculine & feminine energies), Authentic Storytelling with Desiree Driesenaar , receive Consciousness Guidance from Derya Turk and transform your subconscious codings with Rahime Acar .

It’s a 6 weeks program, +42 hours LIVE, PERSONALISED, ONLINE & REAL group sessions, plus surprises along the journey, with global experts, including;

  • Trends and mega shifts session with Rudy de Waele

  • Guesthouses weekly online networking with inspirational women - previous program included sessions with Sunny Bates (Brain Trust Member TED / Board of Directors Kickstarter) and Sophia Swire (Impact Investor and social entrepreneur)

  • Launch your business: conscious marketing.

  • Community collaboration sessions with community experts, using Liberating Structures, Design Thinking and online collaboration tools like Miro & Mighty Networks.

For VIP participants: 1on1 Conscious Leadership guidance and 5D Business design sessions with Canay Atalay

All sessions are live online and are available for recording if you miss out on a class.

Autumn 2020 participants are Arzu Kaprol, Primavera Salva, Belcim Bilgin, Julianna Rossi, Eda Carmikli, Amandine Roche & Patricia Romero.

There are currently 3 more seats available for you to join this unique & amazing program. Conscious Learning Tribe members who subscribe to the Autumn program will receive 2 additional 1on1 sessions with me during the Autumn Camp.

Details & registration here.

To get directly in touch with me here.

What Do Participants Say?

“Canay’s course changed my life in many ways. It was the best course I have taken about conscious businesses. We launched our startup Prönö during the course. Launching is always hard and this course gave me strength. It also helped me to think about my business as a whole, more conscious. That thinking is now integrated into our business. I was able to define my values deeper than before and many of the exercises we did during the course helped me to see clearer who I actually am and what is my purpose and start living for myself - everyday.” - Helene Auramo - Founder & CEO at Prönö, Co-Founder of Slush, the world's leading startup and tech event.

Join the tribe of Heroines, from 10 countries and growing each season!

If you can not make it to this Autumn camp, Early Bird tickets are available for the Winter Camp, until 5th of October.

Feel free to share this with your heroine candidates who could benefit from this program🙏🏼

The Future of Consciousness, Nature and Humanity

If you missed The UnConference last Sunday on the Future of Consciousness, Nature and Humanity, you can watch or listen to the re-stream of this amazing dialogue between Dr. Anita Goel (CEO Nanobiosym), Nell Watson (Tech Ethicist & AI Researcher), David Orban (Technology startup creation, Fundraising & Investment) and Dr. Koert van Mensvoort (Artist & Scientist) and the Conscious Learning Tribe team.

All of our The UnConference sessions can be viewed on Conscious Learning Tribe Facebook page.

The UnConference events are hosted by Conscious Learning Tribe founders Canay Atalay, Rudy de Waele, Yuri van Geest, and by Primavera Salva & Michael Lane

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